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QEC started back in 1980 when I had a 392 Hemi and needed a transmission adapter. At that time, there were very few adapters available so I decided to investigate the necessary details in designing an adapter for the, then current, project. So, off to the drawing board. The rest as they say is history.

OK folks, here is the deal. I don’t like ‘secrets’ so I won’t be keeping any. This web site will offer all of the useable information that I have in regards to the EarlyHemi engines and the ‘Poly’ engines that are based on the EarlyHemi block. As appropriate, I will include ‘A’ series engine info, some Flathead 6 & 8 info and maybe a page on B-RB parts. Ya gotta love the 400-440 strokers!

QEC Adapters and specialty parts are designed in-house to make use of newer, more readily available parts. I don’t think there is much argument on the benefits of a 5-6 speed manual or a TorqueFlite with overdrive.

New information is being added on an on-going basis. Please check often.

I welcome questions and hopefully, will have answers. If you have any suggestions for additions to this site please use the contact page to send me a note.

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