Paint Colors

This list is a work in progress. If you have definitive color information please drop a line.

Flathead six               Silver      P4529148
Hemi                           Silver      P4529148

Flathead six                Silver      P4529148
Hemi                            Silver      P4529148

Flathead six                Silver       P4529148
Hemi                            Silver       P4529148

Flathead six                Silver       P4529148
Hemi                            Silver       P4529148

Flathead six                Silver       P4529148
Hemi                            Silver       P4529148

Flathead six                 Silver       P4529148
Hemi                             Silver       P4529148

Flathead six                   Silver       P4529148
Hemi                               Silver       P4529148

Flathead six                   Silver       P4529148
Hemi                               Silver       P4529148
A- engines
Plymouth V-800
Silver block assembly                    P4529148
Gold Valve Covers/Air Cleaners P4529149
B- engines

Flathead six                  Silver        P4529148
Hemi                              Silver        P4529148
A engines                      Silver        P4529148
B engines
RB engines
Golden Lion
Black block assembly                     P4120753
Gold Air Cleaner                             P4529149

225 Six   Turquoise              P4120752
170 Six    Red                        P4349218
318 A      Silver                      P4529148
361 Golden Commando
Red block assembly             P4349218
Gold Valve  Covers              P4529149

All  V-8  Silver                      P4529148
170 Six  Red                          P4349218

170 Six    Red                        P4349218
225 Six   Red                        P4349218
318 Poly Red                        P4349218
361 V8   Turquoise             P4120752
383 V8  Turquoise             P4120752
413 V8  Orange                   P4120751

225 Six   Red                       P4349218
318 Poly Turquoise            P4120752
361 V8    Turquoise            P4120752
383 V8   Turquoise            P4120752
413 V8    Orange                P4120751
426 V8   Orange                 P4120751

225 Six    Red                     P4349218
273 V8    Red                      P4349218
318 Poly Red                       P4349218
361 V8    Turquoise            P4120752
383 V8   Turquoise            P4120752
413 V8   Turquoise            P4120752
413 V8   Orange                 P4120751 Race Engine
426 HEMI Orange            P4120751 Race Engine
426 V8   Turquoise            P4120752

225 Six    Red                     P4349218
273 V8    Red                     P4349218
318 Poly Red                     P4349218
383 V8   Turquoise          P4120752
413 V8    Orange               P4120751
426 HEMI Orange           P4349216 Race Engine

225 Six    Red                   P4349218
273 V8    Red                    P4349218
318 Poly Red                    P4349218
383 V8   Turquoise         P4120752
383 V8   Orange              P4349216 High performance/Police
426 HEMI Orange         P4349216
426 V8   Turquoise        P4120752
440 V8   Turquoise        P4120752
440 V8   Orange             P4349216 High performance/Police

225 Six   Red                    P4349218
273 V8   Red                     P4349218
318 V8   Red                     P4349218
383 V8  Turquoise          P4120752
383 V8  Orange               P4349216 High performance/Police
426 HEMI Orange          P4349216
426 V8   Turquoise         P4120752
440 V8   Turquoise         P4120752
440 V8   Orange              P4349216 High performance/Police

225 Six    Red                    P4349218
273 V8    Red                    P4349218
318 V8    Red                    P4349218
318 V8    Orange              P4349216 Police
340 V8    Red                   P4349218
383 V8    Turquoise        P4120752
383 V8    Orange             P4349216 High performance/Police
426 HEMI Orange          P4349216
426 V8    Turquoise        P4120752
440 V8    Turquoise        P4120752
440 V8    Orange             P4349216 High performance/Police

225 Six    Red                   P4349218
273 V8    Red                   P4349218
318 V8    Red                   P4349218
318 V8    Orange             P4349216 Police
340 V8    Red                   P4349218*
383 V8    Turquoise       P4120752
383 V8    Orange             P4349216 High performance/Police
426 HEMI Orange          P4349216
440 V8    Turquoise        P4120752
440 V8    Orange             P4349216 High performance/Police

198 Six    Blue                  P4349217
225 Six    Blue                  P4349217
318 V8    Blue                   P4349217
318 V8    Orange              P4349216 Police
340 V8    Red                    P4349218*
383 V8    Blue                  P4349217
383 V8    Orange             P4349216 High performance/Police
426 HEMI Orange          P4349216
440 V8    Turquoise       P4120752
440 V8    Orange            P4349216 High performance/Police

225 Six    Blue                 P4349217
318 V8     Blue                P4349217
340 V8    Blue                 P4349217
360 V8    Blue                P4349217
383 V8    Blue                P4349217
383 V8    Orange           P4349216 High performance/Police
426 HEMI Orange        P4349216
440 V8    Blue                P4349217
440 V8    Turquoise      P4120752
440 V8    Orange           P4349216 High performance/Police

All engines     Blue                P4349217
All engines        Blue               P4349217

*1969 and 1970 340LA engines should be painted Street Hemi Orange, P4349216 –
340 engines that appear to be more red than orange could be P4349218

***** any correction to this list that you might have will be appreciated.*****


The part numbers shown above are the ‘old’ Mopar Performance numbers and they may or, may not, translate directly into the new FCA part number programme. Some outside vendors may have similar colors with their own nomenclature.