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Engine number T-307 –
Used in Canadian-built 1951-52 Dodge truck DG-1 and Fargo truck FO-1 as well as 1953 Dodge truckton models on a 108″ wheelbase.
The 25″ block with a  3.375″ bore and 4.062″ stroke provided for 218.1 cid.   Compression ratio was 6.7:1;  97 bhp at 3200 rpm and 174 ft.lbs torque at 1200 rpm.

The 218.1-cid engine was replaced by the 228.1-cid engine (T-335) for 1954, just as it had been in the Canadian-built Plymouth and Dodge cars in mid-1953.  And the 228.1 was replaced by the 250.6-cid engine for 1955, although it remained T-335.  Canadian-built 1955 Plymouths and Dodges used the 228.1 engine with the manual transmission and 250.6 with Powerflite.  After 1955 Chrysler of Canada only had the 250.6-cid engine in cars and trucks.

25″ block engines with a 3.375″ bore include – 201.3, 218.1, 228.1.and 241.5.
25″ block engines with a 3.438″ bore include – 236.6, 250.6, and 264.5.
23″ block engines with a 3.25″ bore include – 217.8 and 230.6
23″ block engines with a 3.125″ bore included 189.8 and 201.3.

No Canadian-built car or truck used the 23″ block after the Canadian engine plant opened in 1938.  Prior to that Canadian-built Chryco cars and trucks used engines imported from Detroit and were the same as used in US-built cars and trucks.  Imported mid-1938 through 1959 Plymouths and Dodges came with 23″ block engines, but not Canadian-built cars and trucks.